Our Mission is to educate people about the benefits of cannabis.

An Attitude of Gratitude

House of Harlequin’s core value is, “Attitude of Gratitude.” This attitude is inspired by the story of the cannabis plant called, “Harlequin”. Through its discovery and dissemination as a highly valued CBD cannabis cultivar, we have come to value the gifts in our lives . By maintaining an attitude of gratitude in our work, healing and comfort can be realized. This core value is the foundation of House of Harlequin’s offerings.

Wade Laughter Founder
Brandy Reaves Co-Founder
Monica Senter Co-Founder

Wade Laughter

Wade Laughter grew up as a member of a military family and moved around frequently as a child. While Wade was part of the counterculture in the 1970s, he did not engage in cannabis use.

In 1995, Wade was diagnosed with an aggressive case of glaucoma, and his ophthalmologist prescribed eye drops, but they made him violently ill. In 1996, California passed Prop 215, legalizing medical cannabis and Wade was a qualified patient. In 1999, Wade created a patient’s collective to provide cannabis medicine for a group of patients in need, as well as himself.

In 2008, Wade identified and shared the well known high CBD cannabis plant known as Harlequin. Wade took samples of Harlequin to Harborside, who sent it to the one laboratory in the area that could do an analysis. Harborside also put Wade in contact with Fred Gardener, who along with four other people, partnered with Wade to start Project CBD.

Today, Wade works as a researcher, educator and speaker on cannabis wellness topics, including cultivating cannabis for wellness products. Wade advocates for reasonable cannabis policy via his board chair seat at the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance and board membership with the International Cannabis Farmers Association as well as for patients’ access to safe, clean, affordable medicine via the Nevada County Compassion Program.

Wade was recognized as a master cultivator by High Times magazine as early as 2008, as well as a key player in the CBD revolution in 2020 by the New York Times.


Monica Senter

Monica Senter grew up in Orange County, CA, and moved to San Francisco to attend school. While in San Francisco, Monica became immersed in the cannabis scene via common friends in Denis Peron’s circle. Monica was one of the first members of Californians Helping Alleviate Medical Problems (CHAMP), an early San Francisco dispensary that was ultimately shut down by the federal government.

Monica’s social circle in San Francisco was almost entirely made up of the Northern California Cannabis community members, where she met Wade Laughter. Monica married Wade in 2009, and the couple moved to Nevada County, CA, in 2011.

In 2016, Monica became a board member for the “Committee to Defeat Measure W”, a cannabis ban initiative in Nevada County, CA. After working on the successful grassroots campaign to defeat the cannabis ban, Monica became a cannabis activist and co-founded the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance, where she served as a board member from 2017 to 2019. Monica also served as co-chair of the Gold Country chapter of Women Grow and has published numerous articles about cannabis business, politics and wellness. Before becoming a full-time partner in House of Harlequin, Monica served as compliance officer for Medicine Box, an Emerald Cup winning producer of wellness tinctures. Today, Monica works full time as co-owner and partner at House of Harlequin.


Brandy Reaves

Brandy Reaves comes from a family of farmers who immersed her in the cannabis culture at a young age. In 1989, at the age of 14, she moved to the San Juan Ridge in Nevada County, CA, which further solidified her relationship with this healing plant.

The years went by and she mastered the indoor growing scene while maintaining a 9-5 job. She learned to do purchasing and bookkeeping while working at Mountain Peoples Wine, a family business. During this time she also started her own family. Neither procreation or cultivation leaves a small environmental footprint, and she wanted to leave her child with a future on this planet.

When her daughter was young, Brandy went to work for her dear friends who were starting a small organic gardening store. As it turned out, the organic, soil-building way of cultivating both cannabis and food took off and their humble farm center would become Vital Garden Supply. 15 years later, that humble garden center has served thousands of Nevada County’s finest cultivators and established itself as an industry leader with a thriving local and statewide business.

Brandy retired from Vital after a non-work injury and took two years off from all work; focusing on healing and family. She was approached by a 215 cannabis cultivator that wanted to transition to organic farming, as he had started a cannabis wellness company with a line of products that required sungrown, organic cannabis that was mindfully and locally cultivated. She was the Co-Founder of Medicine Box and worked as partner and COO in the days of Prop 215, eventually transitioning the company to the CA regulated market where Equanimity, Medicine Box’s flagship product, won second place at the Emerald Cup for best tincture. Brandy retired from Medicine Box in early 2020 to pursue her passion, Cannabis Wellness education. She joined forces with Wade and Monica and became a partner of House of Harlequin.